How I Save Money and Time with Amazon Subscribe & Save

Today I want to share a great tip for how I keep my life more organized and efficient when it comes to buying a lot of the things we need around the house every month: Amazon Subscribe and Save!

How I Save Money & Time with Amazon Subscribe & Save

This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As am Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see my full disclosures here. This post is not sponsored. As always, I only share my honest opinion and have used and loved Amazon long before becoming an Amazon affiliate! 🙂

Amazon has been an obsession of ours for a while now, especially the super quick Prime shipping. Getting things delivered straight to your door in just a few days is completely life-changing! I love it.

For the last year, I have switched over to doing all my grocery and household good shopping just once a month. I used to go once a week. My entire Monday was always eaten up by running to a bunch of stores and sitting in traffic. I hated it!

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My Self-Care Routine: Relaxing Bath Edition

Recently I have been stepping up my self-care with an awesome new addition: taking bubble baths!! So I thought I would share my self-care routine: relaxing bath edition!

Our new house has this amazing garden tub in it. And I was so excited about it when we moved it because I love it when there is a dedicated bathtub. When it is separate from the shower because I feel like it’s so much easier to keep it clean!

I had been meaning to get around to taking a relaxing bubble bath in here ever since we moved in a year and a half ago but never got around to it! You see, I’m not really someone who takes the time to take a bath! It’s not that I don’t like them, I just never make the time for it.

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My goals and intentions for 2019

I’ve done a lot of thinking about what my goals and intentions for 2019 are. I have had some pretty cool results from doing these lists of my goals and intentions for each year so far. I’ve done them since this post in 2016 so this is the fourth year I am actually sitting down and compiling a list of things I want to focus on. It’s really kinda weird how the simple act of writing things makes it easier to achieve your goals. Part of it, I think, is that it forces you to actually decide what you want to do. Instead of just thinking lofty thoughts about what you might do. I also think just seeing things in front of your face, whether it is words you write down or a vision board you look at every day, makes abstract concepts and thoughts easier to think about in real life terms.

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Looking back at 2018

I have really enjoyed doing these posts for the last few years. First I share the list of my goals for the year, and then I check in with how things went at the end of the year. It is truly crazy how fast time goes by, and if you don’t set specific intentions and goals for each year, it is so easy to just let your whole life go by on auto-pilot. Kind of just letting life happen to you instead of making it what you want. Basically, it’s the difference between being proactive or reactive. It has been super helpful to me to have a rough game plan for what I want to tackle each year!

Looking back at 2018, all I can say is that it was QUITE the year.

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Why I am so passionate about animal rescue: my story

The year 2018 was a year I will always remember as drastically changing my life. It was the year that I became aware of the shelter animal crisis in the US and just how many animals are put to death each year. I am forever changed because of it and I wanted to share my story of why I am so passionate about animal rescue.

Last March, I had an experience that would shape a lot of my thoughts and priorities going forward in life. It was life-changing in the truest sense of the word.  Continue reading “Why I am so passionate about animal rescue: my story”

Badass girlbosses I follow and you should too

If you are looking to find some inspiring women to follow on Instagram, YouTube or blogs: look no further! Here are some ladies who are kicking butts and taking names. They always inspire me with their awesome, positive content and make me wanna go out and slay my goals! Here are the girl bosses I follow, and you should too!

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  • Jen Sincero: The lady who I love getting my butt kicked by! I have written a little bit before about how obsessed I am with her book You Are a Badass. Like I’ve listened to it probably 7-8 times now, so…kind of obsessed! I haven’t come across anything else as motivating in my life so far, it has been super influential to me. Anytime I need a kick in the bum to get going, get motivated and stay positive that I can make big and awesome things happen in life I start listening to it again and get super pumped up! It was also the first audiobook I listened to on Audible, and so far nothing else I’ve listened to after has topped how much I enjoyed that one.

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How I cleared my acne and improved my acne scars!

Ever since I was 14, I have struggled with acne. I thought it was really bad back then, as a self-conscious teenager and young adult but when I turned about 24 it turned into a different kind of acne, adult acne. This was the kind that was cystic, deeply painful and the worse part was it left behind absolutely horrible scars. It was very debilitating and I really struggled with it. It has been quite the journey to figure all this out, and I am so happy that I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel!

Something I always swore I would do if I could ever find the elusive secret to clearing my highly problematic and acne-prone skin, is pass that info on to the rest of the world in case it could help even one person out there who is as desperate as I was for years and years to clear my skin up! Also, my biggest frustration when I was desperate for help with my acne and researching ways to help it online was that so many links I clicked on promising the cure were either scammy or an e-book that costs money. I feel like this info should be easily accessible for anyone who is desperate for help, and not some top secret you can only find out when you spend money on some book that may or may not help you. Continue reading “How I cleared my acne and improved my acne scars!”

Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites of 2017

beauty and lifestyle favorites of 2017

I’ve finally compiled a list of all my top beauty and lifestyle favorites of 2017! I tried tons of new things last year, and these are the ones that I would say were my most favorite, the most successful and worth the money. Hope you enjoy and find some of these recommendations helpful! Not everything is pictured since I am out of a few of them currently.

beauty and lifestyle favorites displayed on gold tray

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Audible: This was my all time favorite discovery of 2017 because of how much power it has to change my mindset and my life! Obviously, I have heard people talk about using audible for a long time now but it took me forever to jump on the bandwagon. Now I’m IN LOVE. Reading is one of my favorite things in life, and because I have been keeping myself busy recently on other things, I never make the time to actually sit down and read a physical book. But I also had this huge list of recommendations from my friends and things I was intrigued to read too, so I decided to do it in a way where I can also be multi-tasking and completing my mundane tasks at the same time. I will do a whole post soon with more details of why I love Audible so much and my favorite books. It is well worth the money!! Continue reading “Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites of 2017”

Goals for 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to focus on this year. Putting my goals into writing these past couple years has actually been really effective for me. It’s such a good way to get them out of my head, onto paper and keep going back and checking in with them and seeing how my progress is going. It seems odd until you do it, but the process of actually saying things out loud or writing them down is just more powerful than thinking them.

I think its partly because until you really decide to do something, you don’t really hold yourself to it, it’s more of just an idea swirling around your head that you are thinking about but not deciding to do. At least that has been the case for me! I’ve really enjoyed getting to go back and see what my goals were for the past 2 years, which of them I’ve accomplished, didn’t so much or even changed direction or priorities on. Continue reading “Goals for 2018”

Reflecting back on 2017

Before I post my new goals and dreams for 2018, I thought I would take a little bit and reflect back on my list of goals for 2017. I’ve done this the past couple years and it has been so cool to go back and see which things I accomplished and how I have grown in the span of a year. Btw, isn’t it simply shocking how fast time seems to go by as an adult?? Sometimes I can barely believe it, especially since when I was a teenager it seemed like timed just and I was in such a hurry to grow up and live my own life!

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