Updated Pantry Organization Tour Video!

Hi guys! Today I posted a fun video over on YouTube, my pretty and organized pantry tour! I organized the pantry just about a year ago, and blogged all about it here back then!

But then I started Costco & bulk once a month shopping, so I did a bit of a refresh this year to handle being able to have way more food on hand at once! I hope you find some pretty and fun organization ideas, come on over and tell me what you think! ????

Home Decor & Beauty Haul

Hi friends! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been active on my blog and that is mainly because I have been focusing more on making videos over on my YouTube! I am hoping to have a better balance this year between videos and blog posts, so hopefully I can do that!

If you are interested in videos, definitely subscribe over there and I will try to remember to always post them here too, haha. I’ve been working a lot behind the scenes on tons of organizing around the house, and have several organization videos coming soon! Today I have a bit of a collective haul with some things I got for the house and a few non-toxic beauty products too. I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

Spring Decor Haul

Hi friends!! I went a little bit crazy buying some Spring & Easter decor and shared all the details over on my YouTube! I hope you enjoy! Do you decorate for the seasons or Holidays? I’d love to hear how you do it! 

Glistening & Glam Christmas Home Tour!

Hey friends!! My Glistening & Glam Christmas Home Tour is finally up over on YouTube!! If you are feeling like settling in with a cup of hot cocoa and getting all the Christmas-y feels, head on over and tell me what you think! Just one week until Christmas, crazy right?! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!! 🙂

My Fall Home Tour

Hi friends! Welcome to my home which is all cozy and decorated for fall! Grab a warm drink and I’d love to have you over for my Fall Home Tour!

This year I was inspired by some of the non-traditional colors that have been popping up everywhere. I love how seasonal decor can be so customized to your personal preference these days! You will see I have a lot of pink (yes pink!) pumpkins and some pops of deep red plum on a backdrop of some black and white plaid and buffalo check. And then, of course, my everyday neutrals I like to have around the house!

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8 easy ways to make your home feel super cozy!

Cozy. Isn’t that what everyone wants their home to feel like? Like slipping on a pair of your favorite slippers or falling into a bed made with freshly washed sheets. The smell of coffee brewing or a yummy candle burning. Cozy is the feeling of being home, of being in your own private sanctuary from the rest of the world where everything is safe and warm and you can be totally in your element!

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My decorating style consists of a bunch of different influences, but the main word that always sums it up is Cozy. Cozy is my goal! My husband once called me “The Queen of The Coze” and it was the greatest compliment of my life! 🙂 I was so happy that the feeling I am going for comes across how I intend it to!

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My Organized Pantry Reveal!

Oh glorious day, a beautiful day for an organized pantry reveal! If you have been following me on my Instagram, and watching my stories at all you will know that I started tackling my pantry which was quite the disaster back in March. It was actually even worse than the before picture but I had already gotten rid of a few things which were driving me crazy since it was a mess and I couldn’t find anything! I have been chomping at the bit to finally take the time to create a little haven in here, where it looks pretty and I can actually find what I need to cook with!

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Woodland Fairy Cottage Inspired Master Bedroom

Is anyone else SO excited that spring has finally sprung? I tend to really love the transitional, more temperate seasons of fall and spring but winter is usually just a tad too cold and long for me! And I love summer, but not the part of it where it gets super humid here in Texas! Anyways, one of my favorite times of year is when all the trees start to blossom. Such a beautiful way to transition from winter to spring. I recently made a few changes to our Master. So without further ado, I present our Woodland Fairy Cottage inspired Master Bedroom refresh for spring!

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Simple & Pretty Linen Closet Organization

Do you guys dream of perfectly organized linen closets like I do?? And search Pinterest for ideas of ways to make them super organized and efficient? Simple and pretty linen closet organization or any organized closet for that matter are some of my fave things! I LOVE seeing things neat and tidy! Ooh, it’s the best feeling ever. I know not everyone gets this obsession with things being in order. But those of you who are the same way totally know what I mean! 🙂

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