The Honest Company Review

About a year or so into my gradual transition to being more conscious of what is in all of the products I buy, I was starting to feel pretty drained and discouraged. I had read a lot of articles and blogs about the abundance of toxins in all of our everyday items and was trying to slowly by slowly make changes to my purchasing habits.

My friend Rachel and I were on the same page with this, and would exchange tips and recommendations on certain things. She had read this book The Honest Life by Jessica Alba, and loved it and kept recommending that I read it. For whatever reason, I didn’t get to read it for a while but ended up finally reading it last August. It was all about the unexpected journey she faced when she was pregnant with her first child and had a bad reaction to the typical baby laundry soap. That got her asking questions about what was actually in all these products we use on a daily basis, especially considering having a baby around. It was this entire process that led her to start her own line The Honest Company, which carries tons of products with non-toxic and natural ingredients! I loved the book so much, and highly recommend it.

Finding out more about her whole line of products was so refreshing at a time when I was just like “Why can’t I just order everything from one place I can trust and not have to read every single label??” So I was super excited about the brand, and felt Jessica had so much integrity in her high standards for it.  (I have since realized that I should still read all the labels and keep up on company changes of all natural lines, since things can change over the years.) But I still really trust the Honest Co.

So without further ado, here are all their products I have tried so far and what I thought about each one!

Variety of Honest Company cleaning products sitting on kitchen countertop

  • Air & Laundry Freshener in Lavender Vanilla: It was really cool to find an all natural room spray because I was sorely missing those Glades air fresheners I used to get all the time. This one smells nice! It is nice to be able to spray it on laundry too if I want a little smell, since I always use free and clear detergent and free and clear dryer cloths. I will say that this scent is definitely stronger on the Vanilla side than Lavender (which I would have preferred) so it does smell quite sweet instead of herbal. I think I would like to try the Lemon Verbena scent next time, since I do like a fresh type of smell for room sprays.
  • Deodorant in Bergamot Sage: Ok, this one was my one major fail. I REALLY, REALLY wanted it to work for me so badly too! First off, this scent smells really nice, very fresh and citrusy. For some reason it always reminds me of the smell of skittles! It just came down to performance. This one just doesn’t stop odor, at least for me. But everyone’s body has a different chemistry and I know my friend said it works just fine for her. I loved the convenience of it being a spray and not having to worry about white residue though. It is normal to have to wait at least a week until a natural deodorant works perfectly, but I used almost the whole container which I think took at least a month or more but alas, no improvement for me. Hopefully better luck for others!
  • Dish Soap in White Grapefruit: I love this dish soap! It smells fantastic, I love the smell of grapefruit, especially for doing dishes. It leaves all my hand washed dishes sparkling clean, I am very impressed.
  • Suds Up Ceramic Soap Dish & Bamboo Dish Brush: This was something I got not only for practicality’s sake, but also cuz it looks cute! Such an improvement to have sitting on my sink top instead of those ugly old plastic ones. That kind of stuff is important to me, so I really like this.
  • Laundry Detergent: This one was a recent purchase and I have used it probably 5 or 6 times so far. So far it seems to work just great! I will say that the cost for this one at $13 was a little hard for me to swallow. We will see if I find anything just as pure for a better price. But it does work well. There is no scent to this.
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner: I used up this whole bottle and really liked it! It smells a little citrusy. I could detect a slight smell of something vinegar-y when I first started using it but never really noticed it after that. I especially like that it is clear as the Method counter sprays I was using had coloring in them, and I wasn’t too crazy about that.
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray: A recent purchase, I am excited to use this hand sanitizer when I’m on the go. I am a total germophobe and use hand sanitizer like there’s no tomorrow when I am in public places. But I know that most sanitizers have triclosan in them, which can disrupt hormones and lead to “super bugs” so I was anxious to find a safer alternative. The scent smells kind of baby wipes-esque, which I don’t love, but am totally ok with for a safe product.
  • Organic Body Oil: This body oil is something that falls into the realm of nice, but maybe not nice enough to repurchase for me. It does smells nice, light and citrusy. My issue is that I have extremely sensitive skin, and always need to slather my legs down with coconut oil after shaving to keep my skin calm and not irritated. I was hoping this product could be used in the same way, but it made my post-shaved legs a little irritated and I think it is because there are some essential oils that might not be as gentle on my legs. All in all a nice product, but I might shop around a little more for a body oil I love. I am considering getting their shave oil though, and am curious of how different the two are.

Overall, I really love most of the Honest products I have tried and look forward to trying lots more! I am actually over the moon excited about their newest addition, feminine products! I have been extremely daunted by the prospect of switching to organic or natural tampons and liners until now because they are usually not as convenient and tend to be expensive. Honest Co. tampons are honestly right around the same cost as conventional ones though, so that is super exciting. Can’t wait to try those too!

You can buy Honest products online from their website, by subscribing to their bundles, and even at Target these days so it is getting more and more accessible.

Have you ever tried the Honest Company? What did you think? Any favorite products you’d like to pass on? I’d love to hear!