Project Organization: Week 2

Project Organization Week 2: Junk Drawer

Hi there! Thanks for joining me on my journey to pretty much organize my whole life! Up this week, my Kitchen Junk Drawer. Aren’t junk drawers a funny thing? Pretty much everyone has one, a place where all the various odds and ends you seem to need in life, end up. I will admit, the concept of junk drawers bother me a little bit, because I am one of those people who feels slightly stressed that anywhere is disorganized, even behind a closed door or drawer.

I’ve realized I kind of need to get over that though, as things just seem to accumulate too fast to have every single area perfect at all times! So, I knew the main key for taming this drawer was mainly just to have a spot for everything as much as possible, so it will be somewhat “contained clutter”. Here is the before of this crazy drawer! Ahhh! The stress!

Before shot of clutter inside kitchen junk drawer

Everything in it had basically been building up for about a year, so it was high time to do it!

When I was working on organizing my desk a while back (should have that post up by next week, hopefully!) I came across this super nifty drawer tray at Target. It’s called the Junk Drawer Organizer (fitting!) from Room Essentials, and it ended up working so well for me in my desk drawer, that I knew I needed to get another one for this drawer. What makes it so cool is all the different size dividers, each one is intended for a common junk drawer item.

Empty white junk drawer organizer tray with divided compartments

If you look closely at this shot, you can see that the recommended item for each section is shown on the bottom. On the left is the section for batteries, and on the right for paperclips. I wasn’t sure I liked that detail at first, but it has really grown on me since it was actually pretty accurate for what fits where, and you can’t see it anyways after you put things inside each slot. The scissors and tape sections are my favorite, since those things are awkward shapes and they fit pretty much perfectly inside!

Close up shot of labels inside junk drawer organizer

As you can see, I enlisted no one other that the trusty Inspector Milo to help me with this project. Or more accurately, he volunteered himself! He is so thoughtful like that. It was so funny because he was absolutely intent in stepping inside the tray, isn’t it funny how cats are obsessed with putting their whole bodies inside of small things?? What weird and wonderful creatures! 🙂

Orange cat looking down into the junk drawer

I guess he got a little tired out from helping out!

Orange cat laying down beside junk drawer looking like he is tired

And drumroll please….here is the after!

After shot of kitchen junk drawer after being organized

Now I have the perfect spot for:

  • keys we actually need & bunch of random keys (how do those always accumulate?)
  • allergy medicine and lactaid, and bandaids behind those
  • scissors
  • batteries
  • tape
  • measuring tape and crazy glue
  • packing tape & wall putty
  • pens & markers

I decided to turn the tray sideways and it fit perfectly that way. There was just enough room behind it to put a long, thin basket. I am using that to store receipts to keep long enough to make sure things don’t need to be returned, and misc. coupons. The thing that piled up the worst in this drawer was always a bunch of receipts, so I wanted a specific place for those to stay neat & tidy! I LOVE that nothing slides around in this drawer now when I open it, those little details all add up to less stress and a better quality of life!

I love how it all turned out, and every time I put the keys back in here, I feel so much more organized! 🙂

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So, here’s a random and fun question! Do you use the term “unorganized” or “disorganized” to describe the opposite of organized? My hubs always gives me a hard time when I say disorganized, but I just looked it up and both are proper words that can be used in certain situations! Just one of those funny things I wondered…so I’d love to hear how you say it!