Master Bedroom Reveal

Hello friends! It has been such a long time since I last blogged. Life got a bit crazy with some life changes, and I will be posting an update on that very soon!

Today I am finally sharing a very exciting, long-awaited project: my Master Bedroom reveal! This has been one of my favorite spaces to put together in our apartment, and now that it is finally done I just love walking in here and taking it all in!

my romantic french inspired master bedroom reveal

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As a young girl, I was incredibly inspired by beautiful spaces and would just soak up all the beauty in certain homes I would visit. I remember so vividly one day where I attended a church small group gathering in a young family’s home and needed to use the restroom. For some reason, the one I was pointed to was in their master bedroom. It was the prettiest “mom and dad” bedroom I had ever seen! I remember walking in and admiring the beautiful four-poster bed, and the gorgeous, serene space that had been created in that room. It was truly a retreat, and I promised myself that one day I too, would create a beautiful master bedroom!

A dream of mine since we got married 11 years ago was to one day have a black iron canopy bed, and I was SO excited when we finally decided to take the plunge and get one, and also allot the budget to complete our entire room. Pretty much everything is new here, and I just love how it all came together. I planned my vision for it out on a Pinterest board, and stuck to it pretty much, with minor tweaks here and there. So without further ado, welcome to our romantic, french inspired master bedroom!
black metal canopy bed with white bedding

The focal point of the room is definitely my long-awaited, and much loved black metal canopy bed! There has always been something SO romantic and dreamy to me about canopy beds, and I created many DIY versions over the years by hanging a canopy from the ceiling, but I love having a “real” one now! At the moment I have some tulle just hanging on the top, instead of down to the ground, and that is because we have a crazy cat that very much enjoys climbing up any kind of curtain! We never got any sleep in the mornings because he would climb up on them like a crazy psycho, so I decided to avoid that issue for the time being and stuck with some draped over the top. He has calmed down a TINY bit since then, so maybe I will put those back up sometime in the future. Haha! Life with “cat children”! The struggle is real.

light grey nightstand

light grey night stand with candle and decor on top

farmhouse style window decor

We each have a nightstand, and a farmhouse window/mason jar piece I DIY’d hanging above them. I love being able to have a burst of fresh flowers to liven up the space! (And because I am so clever, I was able to outwit my crazy cats by putting them just out of their reach!) 😉

The nightstands are from Ikea, and I painted them a light dove grey and added these GORGEOUS green and gold knobs from Anthropologie. They were a definite splurge item and totally pull the whole piece together.

gold and green anthropologie dresser knob

Here is a close-up shot of the gorgeous curled gold foil detailing inside the knob, I think they are SO pretty and add just the right amount of glam!

black canopy bed with white bedding and green garland

Since the bed is the main focal point of the room, I wanted it to be really special and piled it high with beautiful bedding and tons of fluffy pillows! I think a crisp, all-white bed looks so fresh and clean and makes you feel like you are going to sleep on a billowy cloud!

I collected quite a variety of pillows and cases in different shapes and textures to get the layered look I was going for, and I just love how it all turned out! So cozy and inviting.

white dresser with gallery wall above

Over our dresser, I have a bit of a gallery wall with a romantic feel. I adore this quote in general, and love the font on this piece of art I found at Kirkland’s!

i love you to the moon and back wall art

shabby chic french rococco style candle sconce

I also love these shabby chic candle sconces I found in this shop on Etsy! So deliciously french!

assortment of candles on vintage gold mirrored tray

On top of the dresser, I kept it pretty minimal to avoid a cluttered feeling and grouped an assortment of pretty candles and jars on this beautiful vintage gold mirrored tray. Btw, how adorable are the tiny white bird figurines I found at Magnolia Market, I’m obsessed!

cheval style standing mirror with galvanized bucket of flowers beside it

Another item I have always wanted to have is a full-length Cheval mirror. We happened to find this one at Kirkland’s recently while browsing, and I thought it was perfect! I love how it brings a touch of weathered wood to the room since I love having an assortment of textures and colors, so nothing is too “matchy-matchy”. I also love these faux flowers and galvanized planter I got at Michaels, I was quite impressed with how realistic they look! Since I decorate with mostly whites and neutrals, I love adding little pops of color here and there to liven things up.

dried white rose wreath

Another floral touch is this real rose wreath I made and then dried. I hung it up here to dry (to keep the cats from munching on it, are you sensing a theme here?? :p) and was going to use it somewhere else, but ended up loving the way it looked there so it stayed!

orange cat sleeping on black velvet bench

grey and black striped and orange cats on black velvet bench

Between the windows, I have this black velvet bench I got from Joss & Main. Since the first day I set it up, the cats claimed it as their own! Chester loves to sit here and look out the window, and I just think it is the sweetest thing in the whole, wide world! It is pretty much impossible to keep hair free since the black fabric shows the cat hair so clearly, but I love it anyway! (This was just after I cleaned up all the hair with tape, the same day, haha!)  Look at my sweet angels! So precious.

Flowy white curtains are one of my favorite things ever, as they add a softness to a room and filter the light so nicely. They were the last touch I put on the room and made such a huge visual impact.

The most magical time of day in our bedroom by far is at night when I plug in the fairy lights woven throughout the faux boxwood garlands on the canopy. Fairy lights and candles give the most ethereal ambiance and I plan to use them in every room eventually! Here’s a glimpse at how everything looks at night, and when all the candles are lit.

black canopy bed with white bedding and fairy lights on top

canopy bed with fairy lights on top and white dresser

wall art and french candle sconce

canopy bed with fairy lights and lots of white pillows

And there you have it, our romantic Master Bedroom! I hope you enjoyed it! This was such a fun home decor project for me, my favorite one so far! I’m sure things will evolve over time, but for now, we totally love our little retreat.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and I hope to share more fun home decor projects very soon! 🙂

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