Empties: Household Cleaners

Empties: household cleanersMore empties, now onto household cleaners! I go through countertop cleaners like crazy because I am pretty obsessed with wiping everything down all the time! I think this many bottles only lasted me like a month and a half or something, I feel like I buy a new one every other week or so. I am pretty sure that isn’t normal, but it’s ok with me since I love having clean kitchen and bathroom countertops all the time. And I have 2 little crazy boy cats who tend to get tons of dirt and hair everywhere!

Empty cleaning product bottles lined up in front of blush and gold heart gift bag

My favorite cleaner is the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner and I try to get that one at Target when I can. But there have been times that they are out, or I am at another store and really need to get a spray asap, which is when I get the Method ones. Method is the brand I used before switching over to Honest, and I absolutely LOVE the way they all smell, they are fantastic! So does my husband. But..the reason they smell so awesome is because they contain synthetic fragrance. So yes, I like that they are cleaner than buying a normal chemical one, but I don’t like that they add the fragrance. Also, as you can see in the bottle in the middle since there was a teeny bit left, they have color as well, which I also don’t love.

I just ordered a bundle of cleaners from The Honest Company so I should be stocked up for a while! One con to the multi-surface cleaner is that it does not clean mirrors or windows well, it leaves them streaky, so I do need a glass cleaner in addition to it. I just ordered one of those too. I will show my Honest haul as soon as it arrives!

Well, that’s it for today, not too exciting! But that’s what I use to keep all my surfaces clean. 🙂