A Simple Autumn Vignette

Simple autumn vignette

Hi there!

Today I wanted to share this simple little Autumn Vignette I styled on the dresser in our dining room area. I use it kind of like a mantle at the moment, since we don’t have a fireplace in our apartment and it serves as the perfect place to style for the different seasons. Sometimes I use it as a coffee bar, but for now it is decorated for fall!

Autumn decor on top of white dresser

I collected several things for fall this year at Michaels, and had a few things left over from last year as well. They had some really cute stuff this year! I get so excited every year around early fall because I love when the weather starts hinting at a crispness in the air, and it is the beginning of the most festive time of the year!

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, but I love fall/harvest time as well and I am starting to learn how to not rush each season and enjoy each one and the different cool things that each one brings.

Fall candle scents are by FAR my favorite ever, and I get soooo excited when Bath & Body works starts carrying them each year. I would honestly stock up on them and burn them all year round if I was willing to shell out a lot of moola at the same time! Fall scents are just the most homey and cozy, in my opinion.

Candles are an item that I have not switched over to fully natural or non-toxic in my home yet because, well, I am not quite ready to let them go to be honest! They are so extremely cozy and make me feel soo happy…so until I find a satisfactory replacement that gives the same feelings, I think I am willing to keep them as a concession! This Caramel Pumpkin Swirl scent is new to me this year, and is completely to DIE FOR! It smells like heaven.
Caramel pumpkin swirl bath and body works candle on gold tray

This cute pumpkin with twine on it was a Michaels find, and I just think it is so adorable. The smaller white pumpkins are real white baby pumpkins from Trader Joes. The concrete bird was a gift from my Mother in Law several years ago, and I just thought he worked so well in this setting. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

Grey stone bird and white mini pumpkins

My little Milo boy was determined to crash this photo shoot and was fascinated by what I was doing! I think he approves of the whole set-up. 😉 And by the way, he is fixated with his Mom’s mini white pumpkins and keeps knocking them onto the floor so he can roll them around. Poor little pumpkins! They have certainly taken a beating. I am kind of shocked they haven’t broken open yet, they are pretty darn sturdy!

Cute orange cat sitting on top of white dresser with autumn decor on it

This quote from an Emily Bronte poem is so romantic to me, it perfectly captures the essence of fall! I was inspired by this chalkboard print from DearLille.com, but couldn’t justify spending the money on it at the time, so I created a similar one myself! I feel like it’s quite amateur compared to DearLillie’s GORGEOUS script, but it worked for the look I was going for!

I took a cool rustic looking frame from Michaels, and painted over the plastic with chalkboard paint. It was actually pretty easy to do and I love that it’s much less heavy than a real chalkboard, yet has the same look!

Autumn decor close up on top of white dresser with chalkboard print

The green and gold pumpkin is from Michaels, and beside it is another real baby pumpkin.

Mini pumpkins on top of grey wood crate and orange leaves belowThe small birch logs, sparkly autumn leaves and grey-washed wooden crate are all from Michaels. I just love how they all play together with complimenting rustic tones. I kept my fall decor pretty neutral, but didn’t shy away from adding some soft fall tones of changing leaves since they had a great “vintage-y” look going on.

And there you have it, just a simple but pretty little autumn vignette! Hope you enjoyed and are having a lovely, cozy fall so far. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂