The prettiest makeup brushes

The Prettiest Makeup Brushes

Would you believe that at 33 years old, a life-long beauty aficionado, I just recently bought my first proper set of makeup brushes? Crazy right? I always thought they seemed really over-rated and I just put my foundation on with my fingers. But I did start getting curious since all the beauty gurus seem to use brushes to achieve that perfect finish. So I started looking for the perfect set of brushes probably about 2 years ago now. But just like how I am a sucker for pretty product packaging, I wanted the brushes to not only be functional but beautiful too. To be able to display on a vanity and look pretty and elegant. I thought I had found the perfect set a while back with the Tarte Brushed with Destiny brushes, but they were limited edition and sold out before I could get them!

I am glad that didn’t work out though, since I am obsessed with all things in blush tones and I found these Rose Golden ones from Zoeva! They aren’t blush exactly, the handles are called “nude” in the product description. And they are slightly more light apricot than blush when I saw them in person, but they are still BEAUTIFUL and I love them so much!

The bristles are really soft and I just love how they look. I am pretty much obsessed! Zoeva has a set of brushes called the Classic Face Set and I really wanted to get a collection of face brushes since my priority is face makeup more than eyes right now. Unfortunately they don’t carry the classic face set in this rose gold/nude color though, and I had my heart set on these ones, I even emailed them JUST to double check that they weren’t going to offer it anytime soon, but alas they weren’t going to. It was just about $8 more to get all these brushes separately so I just chose all the same ones that the classic face set included, just in the rose gold/nude ones.

I haven’t used all of them yet but I have used the face, blush, concealer and powder ones and love them!

Zoeva is a german company and It was my first time ordering from a foreign country that said it might charge a VAT (value added tax), so that was an interesting experience! I decided not to worry too much and just pay that tax if they charge it, but so far it doesn’t seem like they will so yay!
zoeva makeup brush boxes with labels

Zoeva makeup brush boxes displayed

Zoeva rose gold and nude makeup brushes layed out

They are exactly what I was looking for and I am so glad I found them. I just love them! Any Zoeva brush lovers out there? Do you have a favorite brush of theirs that is life-changing? Let me know in the comments! 🙂