Master Bathroom Decor & Storage Ideas

Welcome to our Master Bathroom! This is one of the cooler features in our new home. It makes getting ready in the morning a nice and relaxing process since there is lots of space to spread out! This bathroom was updated by the previous owners and it has some super nice and luxurious upgrades. I will say that depending on how far we get with making this whole house updated to our specific taste, I may or may not be updating this bath a bit in the future. We will see!

The layout and lots of things would stay the same, just possibly going with a more white and grey color scheme which we will slowly be transitioning the rest of the house to as well. Just our personal preference! For now, though, we love getting to use this awesome bathroom. Really, all I have done in here so far is just putting little touches here and there with accessories and decor! I love how it is working out so far, it feels very streamlined and organized.

Here’s a full shot of the bathroom:

view of master bathroom from door

double sink vanity in master bathroom

Here is the view of the double vanity from the other side.

gold vanity tray with skincare and perfume in master bathroom

I have all my favorite and most used skincare and perfumes corralled on a vintage gold vanity tray. But nothing that I deem too “un-pretty!” I am a huge fanatic of pretty packaging and if anything is an eyesore, into the closed drawers it goes! The pretty stuff I like to display as sort of decor and function rolled into one. I love trays for gathering small stuff into one place as it really contains all the clutter in a visually appealing way.

soap dish with gold stripe in master bathroom

It took me forever to find the right soap dishes to put in here, and I just couldn’t find anything I loved. Finally the other day I was at Target and saw these little beauties which were perfect! Love the gold stripe detail since most of the accents in here are gold.

glass apothecary jars and gold basket with grey towels in master bathroom

On the ledge by the bathtub, I have more contained storage for towels and other miscellaneous items!

grey towels rolled up in gold basket in master bathroom

I really like to roll any towels that are stored out in the open since it looks neat and tidy.

glass apothecary jars with bathroom items in master bathroom

These apothecary style glass jars hold extra soap, Q-tips and cotton rounds.

garden bathtub in master bathroom

I love our glorious garden tub and am looking forward to taking some relaxing soaks in here! As much as I ADORE the look of a standalone clawfoot tub, and it would be possible to replace this with one in the future, I am actually really digging having all the surfaces and ledges around it for storage of little things like candles and stuff.

purple orchid on bathroom windowsill in master bathroom

A little purple orchid makes this corner look all pretty. It is doing so well in here! I have the worst black thumb and have the hardest time keeping plants alive, so I am ecstatic that this one has been thriving for over a month now! It’s the little things in life right? 🙂

white bath rug outside of shower in master bathroom

The shower is so nice and we love it. The rugs I have by the shower and the vanity are from Target and are my favorite ever! They are super soft and plush and so cozy to step out onto after a shower. When I felt them in the store the first time, I decided I must have them!

That pretty much wraps up what’s going on in our Master Bathroom! Hope you enjoyed the little tour and got a few fun ideas for ways to store the little items we all need in our bathrooms. In style! Love it when things are pretty and practical all at once, don’t you?