My thoughts about products with synthetic fragrance

So there are some products that I use and enjoy in my home, that although I use them, would never fully recommend without explaining a major caveat that is a pet peeve of mine.

Everyone talks about how much they love certain products that are “natural” and “non-toxic” but often these products are not fully natural or non-toxic at all. Because a product cannot be fully natural if it contains synthetic fragrance. (You will know it has this if the label says” “fragrance” or “parfume”)

I don’t blame people for this because it is the result of “greenwashing” done by companies and their marketing, because using these terms are buzz words and people will generally buy and feel much safer using things that are labeled as natural or non-toxic.

It really frustrates me to see big companies selling a lie to people because it will make them more money and I try to not support these companies, generally. However, there are just a couple things I have decided to keep enjoying, simply because they make my quality of life better and I haven’t found suitable replacements for yet.

Two of these things are Bath & Body Works Candles and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products. It took me a long time to make an allowance for them, but I am trying to be better about balance and sometimes I think its ok for me to use things I love because they make me happy and life more enjoyable. (Also because I have cut out all other sources of synthetic fragrance in our home, and our overall exposure is lower)

But I wanted to create a little place where I can speak bluntly on this since I never want to give the wrong impression that I fully endorse these products, even though I enjoy them a lot and will probably continue to buy them for a while.

I encourage everyone to do their own research and not just take a company’s word on something when they might not have your best interest in mind.

Although I think Mrs. Meyer’s products should not claim to be all-natural, what I think they are is ” a little more” natural than some cleaners I grew up using and at the moment, for a couple things I am okay with that! 🙂